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About Curious Minds Montessori


We are delighted to welcome you to the Curious Minds, an independent non-sectarian Montessori school.


Our Purpose is:

To raise children to be lifelong learners, who can pursue their goals passionately and effectively, as success with passion and purpose will not only meet their needs but also fill their hearts.

To help you raise the citizens of tomorrow to be peaceful, compassionate, responsible, independent and confident beings, as holistic development of a child is a true measure of growth and success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an intrinsically stimulating and self-directed Montessori education to the children, in a compassionate and caring environment, where they can reach their fullest potential as learners and caring individuals of society; where our teachers see the distinctive abilities of each child and appreciate the same; where our parents are a part of this holistic educational experience that shapes their children into lifelong learners and responsible members of the global community.

Our History

We began our journey in the fall of 2010 as we opened the doors of the Curious Minds Montessori school, to the community of Clarence in Western NY. As true believers of Montessori and passionate advocates of this truly amazing child-centric way of life and learning, our journey continues in the communities of Chantilly/South Riding/Aldie/Stoneridge since the fall of 2016.

After School Enrichment Programs

Why Curious Minds?

MACTE accredited AMS Lead Teachers in a school that is run by an experienced Montessorian.

AMS member school that is pursuing accreditation with the American Montessori Society.

Full-immersion Spanish program for the Primary ages (3 to 6 years).

Calm and Natural Infant/Toddler environments without highchairs, swings, bouncers, and anything that beeps/sings/glows.

One stop-shop for the whole family as we run an Afterschool Spanish Immersion program for local public-school children.

Taekwondo and Private Dance/Music lessons are offered by other service providers at an additional charge during aftercare.

A healthy lunch that includes only fresh fruits and salads, daily cooked unprocessed meats, organic milk, and grains that include quinoa, brown rice and barley.

School snacks are fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, hummus, pita chips, tortilla chips, popcorn and veggie straws.

Conveniently located near SOUTH RIDING, ALDIE & STONERIDGE

Nestled inside the peaceful Community of Avonlea, facing the lake and surrounded by pretty trails.

Extremely close to Rt 50, Loudoun County Pkwy, Tall Cedars Pkwy, Braddock Rd and Gum Spring Rd.

Montessori Learning Inside & Outside

Natural playgrounds are truly an extension of the Montessori learning environment to the outside, where a child’s mind is engaged and is ready to explore the next surprise nature has in store for them. Running on natural grass, climbing on real logs, hopping on tree stumps, playing music on wooden instruments, watering plants, and playing with sand, water and stones, all engage the child so much more than the traditional metal playground structure.

Play in natural playgrounds is only limited by a child’s imagination, as they find treasures in mulch, create sculptures in sand, ruminate in a peace labyrinth, tell time on a sun dial, find peace in a rock garden and learn something different as time passes by and the seasons change.

Exploring all the wonders of the natural world is healthier than being surrounded by pre-manufactured steel tubing, plastic elements and hot rubber fall zones.

At the Curious Minds, we have incorporated such a treasure trove of natural elements in our playground that our children can delight in their discovery every day.

Why Montessori?

Are You…

Hoping to raise a child with a strong value system who is kind, compassionate and thoughtful to the people in their lives?

Looking to instill self-confidence, self-discipline, strong work ethics, and independence in your child?

Seeking a place where your child will flourish and maximize his/her learning potential with a true drive to learn?

Eager to find a school where you child will tangibly touch and do the work to learn the concepts versus memorization of facts that are delivered by the teachers?

Looking for an educational institution that puts personal development first by promoting interpersonal and leadership skills?

Finally, hoping to find a second home for your child, where the school partners with you on this journey of raising an incredible human being and is attuned to them as an individual with their own distinctive personality, learning style, strengths and needs?

Welcome to the community of Montessorians!