Montessori Learning inside & Outside

Natural playgrounds are truly an extension of the Montessori learning environment to the outside, where a child’s mind is engaged and is ready to explore the next surprise nature has in store for them. Running on natural grass, climbing on real logs, hopping on tree stumps, playing music on wooden instruments, watering plants, and playing with sand, water and stones, all engage the child so much more than the traditional metal playground structure.

Play in natural playgrounds is only limited by a child’s imagination, as they find treasures in mulch, create sculptures in sand, ruminate in a peace labyrinth, tell time on a sun dial, find peace in a rock garden and learn something different as time passes by and the seasons change.

Exploring all the wonders of the natural world is healthier than being surrounded by pre-manufactured steel tubing, plastic elements and hot rubber fall zones.

At the Curious Minds, we have incorporated such a treasure trove of natural elements in our playground that our children can delight in their discovery every day.

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