“Our family selected Curious Minds Montessori out of a wide option of various Montessori schools available in our market and they have definitely exceeded our expectations. We have two daughters attending this school with our oldest who started in fall of 2016 and our younger daughter who started in fall of 2017.

From the professionalism of the entire organization, to the curriculum developed for each classroom, and the healthy diet program options available, Curious Minds has assisted in developing our children the way we had imagined them to spend their first couple years of life. The leadership has extensive experience in the Montessori program which we can validate by the development our children have adapted over the years.”

– Suchdeve Family

“My older daughter attended primary here before moving to public elementary school and I was astonished at how much she learned. My younger one has been in since 5 months and is now almost 2. I loved how the infants were allowed to nap and feed on their own schedule and attended by truly caring, experienced adults. I’m really looking forward to the new elementary after care program. It gives me so much peace of mind to have my kids in this calm, enriching, and supportive environment while I get to pursue my career.”

– Nuttall Family

“Dear Miss Anu and all the teachers of the Curious Minds Montessori school. Neelesh and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for providing an excellent environment to both of our kids to grow and bloom into such confident, smart and independent kids. When we registered Riya at the TCM, we had little to no idea about the Montessori culture. All that we knew at that time was that Riya was ready to move to a more structured, school-like environment. I still remember making a call from my office to miss Anu when I saw the post about the new school coming up in our community. She was among the first few students to get registered, much before the building started getting constructed. We are so glad we took that decision.

Now, as parents of two Montessori kids, we have truly come to recognize and appreciate the positive outcomes of Montessori style of teaching. Also, we learned a lot, as new parents about best ways to deal with varied emotions of a child. Thank you teachers for your constant effort to work in the best interest of the child. As Riya now graduates from her very dear Curious Minds Montessori school Primary care to the Kindergarten, we would once again like to thank each and every teacher and supporting staff member, including those who are no longer with the school for their contribution to Riya’s growth and making her ready for this transition. Thank you for trying your best each day to provide these kids with a very happy and loving environment to learn and grow.”

– Sahay Family

“We have been with TCM since they opened in 2016. After multiple interviews with local schools, which failed to gain our trust to take care of our little one, we found TCM to suit our expectations at that time, with passionate staff, organic/ healthy food and clean interiors. Our younger son was 2 years old at the time of enrollment and went through a rough patch of transitioning from home-based care to a more structured school environment. Thanks to TCM staff who were exceptionally skilled in providing a fostering environment where the kids can thrive; our son’s transformation was amazing. We saw him grow from a kid who had a challenging transition to someone who jumped right in to take the lead on many things. We have had the pleasure of watching our son grow among individuals who are very compassionate and dedicated.

The staff including the Director of the school is very empathetic to the parents’ point of view and show genuine caring for the kids’ overall wellbeing. The progress our son made both academically and internally has truly been a blessing for us and it would not have happened without TCM. Our only regret is that TCM was not available when we had our elder son attending Montessori because, the staff of TCM are very true to the concept of Montessori and we haven’t seen any other school [our elder son attended 3 different schools] that emphasizes internal values like TCM does. If you are looking for a place for your kid to grow securely and learn with confidence, look no further. We would recommend TCM to the core as we have experienced the joy of childhood education for our son.”

– Subramani Family

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