Why Montessori

Why not, Montessori? It is a learning method and philosophy that speaks to the whole child. And we adults realize that we humans are whole beings who must address our physical, intellectual and emotional needs to find that perfect balance which enables us to be caring, happy individuals with a repertoire of success.

Montessori creates such an environment where children learn that independence, kindness, patience, responsibility, peaceful conflict resolution and social responsibility are an integral part of their everyday lives. They understand that they are expected to uphold these values just as their peers and adults of the environment.

The multi-age group community provides them with the opportunity to learn and get support from older children and in turn, become the leaders of the environment after the years spent in the same. It is proven that children will do as they see and not as they are told. A teacher in the Montessori environment is actually referred to as a “Directress”, as the primary role they play is to lead and direct the children towards the right learning, social and emotional path. They are the role models for the children as they hear and respect each child’s individuality and needs.

Montessori children understand that work is a privilege and learn not only by using the materials themselves but also by observing their friends. Learning is never restricted by age. Any eager child’s curiosity will be appeased by introducing the appropriate material at their level of understanding.

A Montessori classroom encourages a child’s sense of wonder and questioning, and supports their learning in a concrete way that stays with them forever. Each area of curriculum is so deep and diverse, starting with the Sensorial and extends to the Math, Language, Geography and even Art. Concepts like 4 digit operations in Math, Grammar in Language, Map of Europe, and conversations around Picasso, DaVinci and the like, are all common in just a day’s work in the Primary (3 to 6 years) classroom.

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