Why do I love Montessori?

I love Montessori. My thoughts and feelings on the subject of Montessori education may be biased as a Montessori teacher, Mom and the owner of a Montessori school. However, my passion for Montessori is the most compelling reason that has driven all of the above.

In this day and age of fast paced life &technology, where gratification is instantaneous and where the “Me first” attitude is the norm; Montessori keeps our focus on what is real. Children plant gardens and tend to them, where they see that life grows at its own pace, unhurried, and miraculous is the growth of every single leaf. Every day, they care for self, peers and their environment, where they witness that respect begets respect, kindness changes lives, acceptance transcends all and that it truly takes a community for an effective way of life. Peace and Respect are the corner stone of the Montessori classroom, where children learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and that respect is due for everyone. They observe nature and its ever changing colors, which helps them understand that nature is forever. In short, they have ingrained in them, the value of this beautiful earth gifted to all of us and the respect and peace it takes to preserve such a wondrous gift.

As parents, we wish for our children to be successful people who are driven to work hard and focus on their goals. Montessori believes that lasting success comes from doing what we love and giving it our all. Montessori understands that a child’s natural inclination is to seek to learn and to master everything. This natural instinct – babies taking their first step or saying their first word, cannot be forced or taught. Montessori taps into this inbuilt need for knowledge and lays the foundation for intrinsic motivation and focus in our children. The Montessori environment fuels this innate quality in us humans and evokes the passion and curiosity for lifelong learning.

A Montessori classroom has so many areas of curriculum, with emphasis on personal and social development across the board. The multitude of curriculum areas and the depth of knowledge in each of them are like an amazing gift, waiting to be unwrapped every single day. It is this simple truth that inspires Montessori teachers like me to offer this environment to our children every day. Hard work, focus and concentration are pre-requisites of the environment. A typical uncluttered and Zen Montessori environment promotes extended periods of focus on work for the child, leading to actual learning and a feeling of accomplishment when the work is completed, inducing the child to repeatedly seek the same experience.

The actual knowledge learned in this environment and the qualities of peace, love and learning will stay with the child forever. As a Montessori Mom and Teacher, I can tell you that this is the most gratifying gift of all.