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Infant Montessori Program

Infant Program

(ages 12 weeks to 16 months)

Popularly referred to as “Nido” (it is an Italian word that means “nest” capturing the idea of warmth and security), the infant Montessori environment is a serene, loving sanctuary. The environment is separated into sections for living/playing, eating, sleeping and diapering. Unlike traditional settings, the Nido environment is free of high chairs, playpens, jumpers or other containers.

We welcome children as young as 12 weeks old and have them continue with us till they turn 16 months old and move up to the young toddler environment.



Our Nido environment is a small and intimate setting with very limited spots. Our AMS Infant/Toddler trained and certified Lead Teacher will be your point of contact regarding your baby’s day at the Curious Minds. Our teacher child ratio is 1:4. We provide consistency by having the same teachers work with your child throughout the day on a schedule.

The Prepared Environment

“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth” – by Maria Montessori.

Infant Montessori is rich in language and sensorial engagement, as a baby’s brain is ripe for language acquisition and tactile learning. Our Nido environment is created to be aesthetically pleasing, emotionally soothing and developmentally appropriate. The environment is very calming and Zen-like in the absence of modern gadgetry that beeps, sings and glows.

Our Environment Offers

  • Soft floor mats that babies lie on and can move freely around
  • Mirrors positioned on walls close to the floor for self-discovery
  • A variety of mobiles, wooden objects, and tactile materials for children to explore and stimulate brain development
  • Infant bars and soft protected furniture for children to pull themselves up onto and maybe even climb into
  • A stair with low steps and railing to practice climbing/crawling up and down
  • Low chairs and tables to practice eating at the table
  • Low shelving that houses Montessori materials to improve gross/fine motor skills and promote cause/effect learning
  • Designated outdoor playtime and multi-children’s strollers for walks
  • Books, books and more books
Infant Montessori Program

How we engage

We connect with each and every child at every opportunity versus simply caring for their person. There is a lot of reading, singing and sign language in their day. An infant’s brain is wired for language acquisition and their time spent with us is replete with soft verbal communication as our teachers are talking about everything that is happening around them in their little cocoon!

Our interactions are based on
  • Calm and supportive responsiveness
  • Steady eye-contact
  • Gentle step-by-step verbal explanations
  • Child-led guidance and redirection


Our Infant environment is completely self-sufficient with a refrigerator, microwave and bottle warmer. We have labeled containers/spaces to store your child’s breastmilk, formula, pureed foods and other foods sent from home. We highly recommend that your child start feeding with a bottle at least a month before starting school. All new foods are introduced at home and we will definitely follow up at school. We encourage our babies to use their pincer fingers to grab food and put in their mouths. We also help them learn to drink out of a cup and get them started on the journey of self-feeding.


We follow the schedule set by your infant, simultaneously helping develop a consistent routine both at home and school. Our teachers greatly enjoy holding and rocking your child to soothe and sleep. However, they are also equipping your child with self-soothing techniques so that there is less disruption to their routine and more comfort for your child. Teachers will be working together with parents so that they are all on the same page and the child will be consistent with their experiences at home and school.


  • The Teachers will use Montessori Compass to give you daily updates, send pictures, and keep track of milestones. Parents can message their teachers through the Montessori Compass App
  • The Teachers will collect all relevant info about your child which includes eating/sleeping habits, temperament of your child and any other specifics that may impact their day-to-day lives
  • The Teachers/Admin are always available for quick check-ins about your child and to help you with any challenges you may face with your child
  • The school offers many Parent education opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the Montessori pedagogy
Our goal is to partner with you on this journey of raising your child. Our loving, nurturing and happy environment offers your child a home-away-from-home as they thrive and learn every day of their lives!