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STEM vs Montessori

STEM vs Montessori

Interdisciplinary approach Tick Tick
Hands on learning Tick Tick
Problem solving Tick Tick
Collaborative skills Tick Tick
Thinking outside the box Tick Tick
Creativity Tick Tick
Innovation Tick Tick
Self-management Tick Tick
Research abilities Tick Tick
Art Tick Tick
Mentorship role Tick
Constant and organic learning through the day Tick
Foreign Language Tick
Physical fitness Tick
Peace Education Tick
Holistic & well-rounded development Tick

One question that we constantly get asked as Montessorians is “Does Montessori include any STEM/STEAM/STREAM activities?”

Montessori offers what a STEAM education does, and MORE. The multi-aged classrooms offer the child a chance to start off as an explorer, move on to being a mentee and then finally reaching the stage of a mentor. Neuroscience supports the fact that your brain evolves differently and for the better when you impart the knowledge that you have gained. Any Montessori child in their third year of the same classroom, will not only gain confidence and leadership skills but also become smarter!

Montessori continues to value and include literature, foreign language, music, art, and physical fitness. A Montessori school stands for Peace education, collaborative and conflict resolution skills, and ALWAYS Grace and Courtesy. STEM/STEAM/STREAM education is not a block of time in our student’s day. It is a constantly evolving and organic learning process that happens throughout the day.

At the Curious Minds, we focus on the development of the whole child, so that their well-rounded education will have a positive, meaningful and profound impact on their futures!