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primary montessori program

The Primary Montessori classroom is a mixed age group community, and the ages range from 3 to 6 years. The mixed age group program gives the children the chance to learn from each other, to practice patience and compassion, to develop thoughtful leadership skills and team playing abilities. Grace and courtesy are very important aspects of our curriculum that are implemented throughout the day.

Our Montessori classroom is a prepared environment that challenges the child’s mind, nurtures their natural curiosity and promotes learning every day. Furthermore, the learning is integrated and all aspects support and build on one another for successful and complete comprehension.

The process is the goal, where the emphasis is always on the effort, focus and learning. The finished product of each process is merely the product of such effort, and children from early on are always directed to internally evaluate the level of effort and focus applied to each work.

This intrinsic measure of work quality helps the child focus on developing their capabilities, and respecting the improvements gradually reflected in the outcomes.

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